miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Lately I have not seen good films, I saw in the summer some films like "2012" and "Wolf man", but I don´t like. Maybe, the film that more I like was "Hierro 3". Is a film of 2004, but I saw starting the summer, and I like it. Is a corean film, that related the story of two persons, a man living in diferent people house's, when this is unoccupied, and enters to the house of a married woman, under the orders of her husband, she discover him, and fall in love.
She scapes from home for to be with the man that she loves, but they have problems for be together, he is arrested and strug to to get out and be with her again.
Usually I don´t like romantic films, but this I like because is not the tipycal romantic film, the enviroment and how develops the story. The film is in silence, the characters never talk, and this silence make special the film. Is a slow film, but mantains your atention.
This film is starring Lee Seung-yeon and Jae Hee, realy is a film very beautiful, where one can realize that any feeling is beyond words but what we are capable of expressing

I hope yo like!


correction of this post is:

WT: i did not like

WF: then fall in love

WF: Film is a slow but keep our attention.

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