miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Valeria's blog

valeria's blog is very feminine, the blog colors are pastels, two-tone pink with a darker and a lighter.The design is very nice, very pleasing to the eye
their postings are very interesting, the post on the earthquake left an impression of me...she was south of the country, which was very dangerous.
I like the music you listen valeria, i also listen to Pixies, is a group with very good songs. One of his favorite songs is my favorite also: "WHERE IS MY MIND".The video of this song is very interesting, I like the sound of the guitar and drum sounds.
valeria's profile shows a nice picture, also appears their age and zodiac sign.
Blog address is http://valerrisitas.blogspot.com/ See it and get to know a Valeria.

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