martes, 22 de junio de 2010

My best Holiday!

The vacations are something very pleasing for my because I like to travel and to enjoy very much the nature.To know new places and cultures is really fascinating.I like to travel with my friends, always i have unforgettable experiences.With my family i have lived through very entertaining vacations, but in this occasion it i will tell them on a trip that i had with my best friends to the booth of the Maipo.
We travel in January we were one week out,it was a perfect week.We knew new friends and very beautiful places.We were in the camping waterfall of the souls,we went to the hills, saw a waterfall and bathed in the river.We did canopy and enjoyed much the local swimming pool.

The booth of the maipo is a very calm place, a place in which I relax and have new adventures.I recommend to them to visit this place :P

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