martes, 22 de junio de 2010

My best friend

My best friend is very graceful.She is very low and I am very high, for this it is graceful to meet united.=)His name is fanny, it has a rare and graceful name
We know ourselves 10 years ago.I know her from the college and from this time we are inseparable.What joins us, is that we have very similar tastes.We like the music the cinema and the art.
She always this one when I have problems, she is like my second sister, really i consider her great.Fanny is very enterteining and nice, that always i can trust in her.She studies architecture in the central university, his career is very difficult and laborious.

Fanny has a cat very ugly so called antu :P

Fanny lives closely together of my, because of it when he needs me I am going to see her rapidly.

She is a great person, I am lucky on having known her

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