martes, 22 de junio de 2010

My best friend

My best friend is very graceful.She is very low and I am very high, for this it is graceful to meet united.=)His name is fanny, it has a rare and graceful name
We know ourselves 10 years ago.I know her from the college and from this time we are inseparable.What joins us, is that we have very similar tastes.We like the music the cinema and the art.
She always this one when I have problems, she is like my second sister, really i consider her great.Fanny is very enterteining and nice, that always i can trust in her.She studies architecture in the central university, his career is very difficult and laborious.

Fanny has a cat very ugly so called antu :P

Fanny lives closely together of my, because of it when he needs me I am going to see her rapidly.

She is a great person, I am lucky on having known her

My best Holiday!

The vacations are something very pleasing for my because I like to travel and to enjoy very much the nature.To know new places and cultures is really fascinating.I like to travel with my friends, always i have unforgettable experiences.With my family i have lived through very entertaining vacations, but in this occasion it i will tell them on a trip that i had with my best friends to the booth of the Maipo.
We travel in January we were one week out,it was a perfect week.We knew new friends and very beautiful places.We were in the camping waterfall of the souls,we went to the hills, saw a waterfall and bathed in the river.We did canopy and enjoyed much the local swimming pool.

The booth of the maipo is a very calm place, a place in which I relax and have new adventures.I recommend to them to visit this place :P

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

The football is a passion of multitudes. A game healthy and easy to practise
I like football,especially to see games of the selection of our country.My favorite players are Matias Fernandez and "Chupete" Suazo.Other players of my pleasure are Alexis Sanchez and Claudio Bravo.
There are some european teams with very pretty players such as Iker Casillas,he is spanish football player.
Today it was the first game of chile in the Football World Cup.The participation of our team was excellent, because the team had the control of the ball almost all the time. The goal did it Beausejour, he began his professional career in Universidad Católica in 2001 and he has played for different clubs.It was the star of the game.
We are a very good team we have a fantastic trainer. his name is marcelo bielsa, He is an ex-football Argentine player.
The game was excited but i was very tired because i slept few hours.I saw the party eating pizza of vegetables, everything was very entertaining and spend it very well.
I hope that chile win the Football World Cup,this is will be very beautiful.The people of country will be very happy.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

hi all :)
well, my favourite geographic subject is biogeography.the class teacher is Victor Quintanilla.
I love this subject because it was about ecology in particular plants and wildlife of chile.With este subject I learned qualities of different species.This i allowed identify trees and shrubs.this subject is very useful for my future because it will allow me to work in topics about species distribution..I like this subject because i like to learn about ecology and environmental topics in particular problems of environmental pollution and renewable energys.All we must love and caring for our planet.