sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

My experience on my last field trip

My last field trip was the analysis of environmental assessment branch by which we travelto the fourth region, was a journey of five days and stayed in an orphanage. It was avery entertaining trip, as we visit beautiful places.
The first day we went to tour the city of La Serena, other places of importance, we went to a wetland and also walkedalong the beach. The second day we went to a grape export industry, there we were taught throughout the production process prior to the export of foreign grapes. It was very interesting to know the whole process and also enjoy the delicious grapes, it gave us lots of fruit. Hours in the afternoon we had free to do what we wanted to with my group of friends went to a nearby river and spent the afternoon swimming and taking us out photos also talked a lot and rest on the rocks, was a very entertaining and relaxing evening. At night, enjoy a meal, then a shower and to bed to recharge your batteries. The third day we went to Fray Jorge National Park Reserve is a very special book, because trees are native to the Valdivian forest are species found in the south of the country and are a special way in this forest in a climate semi-arid, was a beautiful place. Afternoon went to the beach where we swam and share guanaqueros for hours.Travel on the last night we shared a delicious barbecue was a very entertaining evening full of laughter and conversation.

In short it was a very fruitful trip, a very nice experience ... fond memories.

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